How We Destroy TMJ/TMD

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How We Destroy TMJ/TMD

Let’s just come right out and say it: TMJ/TMD sucks. 

Having jaw pain, clicking, clenching, grinding teeth, headaches that come from your jaw, all of that tension building up in your neck and face makes life so frustrating! You’re supposed to be the cool one, but you find all of this frustration and anger stored in your face. You’re supposed to be taking care of yourself and solving problems, but you keep finding yourself clenching and grinding, gritting your teeth and slowly destroying your molars, racking up dental bills in the future (yay root canals!). You keep finding yourself not wanting to go on dates or go out with friends because your jaw clicks and pops awkwardly and it hurts to open it wide enough to eat anything they serve at a restaurant. 

What is the TMJ, and what causes TMD?

Your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is made up of two very unstable joints in your face, one on each side under your cheekbones. The upside of that instability is that the jaw can be very mobile and allow you to chew and swallow, talk, laugh, have fun, and make faces like Jim Carrey. The downside is that the jaw can easily get hurt or over-tightened, causing pain, clicking, grinding, and lead to problems breathing freely at night, which leads to a whole host of other issues like raising stress hormones. This is what is known as TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction). 

Can you Fix TMJ/TMD?

You’re all too familiar with the response of friends and doctors to your TMJ pain and TMD. Friends will sympathize, doctors will write you prescriptions for drugs, make you wear insanely uncomfortable night guards (sometimes during the day, too!), but when it’s all said and done everyone just kind of shrugs and says, “Sorry! I don’t know how to help you.” 

You’re left on your own and it feels like you’re just going to have to live with the jaw clicking and popping, the grinding, and the anxiety of what you’re doing to your teeth and all the dental bills you’re causing. You’ll just always have to be careful eating apples, won’t be able to eat steak anymore, and just eat a lot of smoothies instead of being able to chew like a normal person. 

The truth is that you’re not cursed to live this way. 

We can help you through TMJ pain

We’ve helped hundreds of patients with jaw pain and popping, neck pain, face pains and other pains just like you. They had just felt like they had to accept it. I know you feel that way now, but there is so much hope. 

One of my favorite examples was a lady that was referred to us by a TMJ center and she was limited to drinking all of her food through a straw because she couldn’t open her mouth enough to even put a spoon in her mouth! After her first treatment she was able to go home and enjoy some soup. Four treatments later she went out with her husband and had steak! 

That’s why we’re excited to offer our initial visit. We start with a consultation and we listen to every word you have to say. If at any point we feel like someone else is a better fit for your care, we tell you exactly who that is. If we believe that we can help you we’ll perform a detailed exam. At the end of the exam we’ll provide our recommendations to help you not just get relief, but get your dates back, get your face tension to melt away, relieve anxiety about destroying your teeth, and get your life back. 

You deserve this and so much more. 

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