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Our sponsored athletes are beacons of human potential! At Advocate Wellness we focus on getting people out of pain, helping them stay well, and then helping them increase their best! Whether you play sports, parent full-time, work a desk job, or labor outside, we have the skills and tools to meet you where you are and help you get better.

Dr. Nelson's special ability to relate to and treat athletes comes from his 25 years of experience in Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, Jiujitsu, and Judo.

Dr. Nelson is a Jiujitsu and Judo practitioner!

Dr. Nelson holds his blue belt in JiuJitsu from his instructor, Roberto Kaelin (4th Dan) under Grand Master Carlos Machado.

dr nelson athlete dojo
dr nelson jujitsu
Roberto Kaelin

Roberto Kaelin with Dr. Nelson

4th Degree Black Belt under Carlos Machado. kellermma.com

Roberto Kaelin Jiu Jitsu
Todd Littleton cat 1 cyclist
Todd Littleton

Todd Littleton

Cat I cyclist. 2nd in the State in one of the subdivisions of competitive cycling.

Carol Estrada Morelan

Carol Estrada Morelan

Total hoss. Mom. Cat I cyclist. Nationally ranked top 5 in her age group and sub-division of cycling. (IG @carol3boys @npscycling)

Carol Estrada Morelan 2

Grand Master Carlos

Grand Master Carlos
Romain Taupier

Romain Taupier

Paris, FRA, Fort Worth, USA
3rd Place Enduro Cup Open Expert Class (2021)

I am forever grateful to Dr. Nelson. I am not in daily pain any more, I recover faster, and I have noticed a significant increase in my performance! Don't settle waking up like a 3, be a 10!

Philip Nelson

Brother and Cat II cyclist in Bentonville, AR.

phillip nelson
Lane Kidd-Sharkey
lane sharkey

Lane Kidd-Sharkey

Jiujitsu fighter from Denton, TX. (IG is @lane_shark_bjj)

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