The Ultimate Neuropathy Solution

We provide the fastest route to the most effective neuropathy results.

Because itโ€™s time for nerve pain to end and life to begin again.

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Arm Yourself Against Neuropathy Pain

Weโ€™re successfully treating neuropathy at Advocate Wellness. We have reduced the complexity of neuropathy down to The 4 pillars of Nerve Health:

  1. Oxygen delivery
  2. The right nutrients
  3. Stimulation
  4. Inflammation control

No need to completely change your diet. No need to completely up-end your life. No need to spend hours in the doctors office.

Donโ€™t give up. I know youโ€™re desperate for relief. The good news is, relief from neuropathy pain is possible. Advocate Wellness in Keller, Texas is treating neuropathy pain in many people using an approach that requires simple steps. Are you local? Come see us. If not, join us through our tele-med online option.

If you follow the treatment plans precisely and lean into the recommendations, which are incredibly easy, then you will notice a significant difference within weeks. With time, even for some severe cases, full resolution is possible.


Relief From Neuropathy Pain Is Possible!

Dr. Nelson has studied neuropathy in depth and has spoken with hundreds to find out what they value most. Our patients have amazing healing stories to tell. Through deep study weโ€™ve found itโ€™s possible to reverse even severe forms of neuropathy! It can take a bit, but itโ€™s not only possible, treatment is easy and comfortable!

  • You can get your feet back.
  • You can have your independence again.
  • You can get your life back.

Let me show you how!

You can start your neuropathy pain relief today. Make an appointment for either in person, or virtual, and letโ€™s get you back to living life again.

If you haven't given up hope, if you haven't decided to lay down and be done, if you haven't thrown in the towel, now is the time. Chat with us or book your appointment today!

The Road to Recovery Is Just a Few Steps Away

Getting your life back and experiencing these types of results in your life is simple.

Get your life back and kick pain to the curb.

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Schedule a New Patient Exam with me. Take a moment to fill out your details so we can get started when you get here

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We'll spend a focused hour evaluating your pain and performance then provide that first relieving treatment

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With a clear goal and my focused care, we can achieve magical results bring you relief from pain and improved mobility.

Thereโ€™s no reason NOT to get your life back. Armed with the truth of how your body works and heals, with a clear picture of what you want, and a no-nonsense approach to treatment we can help you reach your goals, whether thatโ€™s relief, prevention, or performance!

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