Quality Over Quantity

My Approach to Chiropractic Care

“Never underestimate the impact of connecting with and healing one person. The ripples affect many more people than you can imagine” - Mary Katherine Nelson

keller chiropractor approach

Ever feel like you're being put through the mill?

I hear it constantly: “The pill mill. In and out. One and done. Rack em and crack em. Rushed. Busy. No time…” People are busier than ever and so are their doctors. So many people come to me and lament how their doctor “can’t” spend the time they need or can’t figure out what’s going on. The truth is, their doctors are in a similar spot. Their business depends on their “productivity” being really high and so they are feeling rushed, too. It’s a rough situation for everyone involved and no one is really getting what they want.

You Deserve Better, More Focused Chiropractic Treatment

Not only do you deserve to have a real relationship with your doctor, but it’s vital that you do! Your quality of life and your long term health depend on having a relationship where you are welcomed by name, I know who you are and what’s bugging you, and we can achieve results together.

My answer to the crazy rush and “in-and-out” feeling you may have experienced is simple - I take a full hour with you on your first visit so I can thoroughly understand what you want and how I can help you, then we do an exam, and, if we’re both comfortable with it, I provide your first treatment!

Follow-up visits range from 20-30 minutes each. I know that building a healing relationship takes time and I’m there for you.

One of the most important parts of our relationship will be finding out what level of care is right for you! At your second visit, I’ll make recommendations about what I believe it will take to help you achieve Relief or Correction and you get to choose. After finishing with one of those plans, then we’ll talk about next steps and if you want to be done we can part ways as good friends. I want to be your chiropractor for as long as you want me in your life.

Relief and Recovery in a No-Rush Environment

Making sure you get the focused attention you need to resolve your pains, protect yourself against re-injury, or increase your performance is as easy as 1… 2… 3!

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With a clear goal and my focused care, we can achieve magical results that bring you relief from pain and improved mobility.


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