Laser Therapy

Decrease pain, Decrease inflammation, and Increase healing by 2x!

Laser therapy is a gentle no-touch therapy that allows our team to decrease pain and inflammation and increase healing in your body by shining a specific frequency of red or infrared light into your body.

laser therapy keller chiropractor

Quick, Targeted Healing When You need it Most

Patients feel nothing or just a touch of warmth during a treatment, but immediately after our patients report a decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion!

Our Avant laser is handheld or can be held in a modified mic stand and the light beam can be shined through clothing to reach the treatment area.

The laser stimulates healing when the photons reach the cell's plasma membrane and vibrate a receptor, causing conformational change (a change of shape). Since shape drives function, that receptor then releases a messenger molecule inside the cell and starts an entire healing cascade!

When the receptors are full up on energy from the laser, patients will notice a slight build-up of warmth. When they feel that warmth we back the laser up to decrease the power delivered to the specific area and continue to stimulate healing that doesn't overwhelm the body.


Take the first step to getting your life back!

Pain free living IS possible.