No More Mystery Pain!

Myofascial Therapy

Solve sharp stabbing pain, restricted range of motion and dysfunction with gentle pressure and stretching.

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New Patient Special!

$99 Consultation and Exam

Includes: Consult and Exam, Orthopedic Screening, Neurological Screening, Muscular Exam, and Zone Evaluation

What Does Myofascial Therapy Help?

Sharp Stabbing Mystery Pain

Applying pressure, and stretching the muscles allow adjustments to last longer.

Headaches, Neck and Back Aches

Putting pressure on and stretching compressed muscles eases the strain on misaligned joints.

Dysfunction and Reduced Mobility

Trigger point therapy increases joint stability, range of motion, and performance.

Your Pain Is Real. So Is The Solution.

Have you found yourself dealing with restricted range of motion, aches, maybe even sharp, stabbing pain and refers to different areas of your body? Let me guess, it turns into headaches, backaches, and joint problems that are keeping you from healing, causing you to need more care, and leaving you not knowing why your body is not getting better.

I bet you’ve felt misunderstood and dismissed because other people don’t understand where your pain is coming from, let alone how to treat it. You may have felt like giving up and just resign yourself to living with the pain and the dysfunction.

And the truth? The truth is that there is a system to finding the causes of these problems and resolving them… and it’s easier than you think.

Each trigger point has a specific pattern and is recognizable, most often just by me listening to you describing your pain or limitation. Trigger points are caused by stress, trauma, or overexertion and will cause lots of problems (more than most people realize!) and keep other therapies from being as effective as you would hope.

The way for me to help you with your trigger points is straight forward. I start by listening closely and applying my knowledge of trigger points to what you’re telling me, then complete a thorough examination, and finally treat them by applying steady pressure to them while you breathe deeply. If you do your part and I do mine, the pain will melt away.

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The truth is that you were right – there is something wrong. The fix is simple and I want to help you relieve the pain and save you time and money by helping your adjustments last longer, and ultimately give you your life back/ get you back to doing what you love.