Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pains are one of the most debilitating pains for moms, entrepreneurs, veterans, and more. Not necessarily because of how badly the shoulders can hurt, but because of all the things they affect! I mean… Think about what you need your shoulders for! Combing your hair? Gotta raise your arm. Typing? Gotta use that shoulder. Got stress? It builds up in your shoulders. Do you like to sleep on your side? Guess what, it’ll piss off your shoulder if it’s not healthy… which in turn makes your day annoying and every little action from driving to lifting a child to shaking hands or giving someone a hug or even just trying to nap becomes frustrating. 

Death by a thousand papercuts. 

Shoulder Pain Affects Everything

And that’s presuming that your shoulder is still working. If you’re not able to raise your shoulder everything becomes about three times as hard. Not only do you not have the full use of that arm, not only do you have to do everything like taking care of yourself, feeding yourself, taking care of others, but you feel like you have to pretend to be normal so people don’t stare at you like a circus freak. You feel like you have to live with it. 

Or do you? 

There Are Solutions to Shoulder Pain

What if we could release the tension on the muscles that bind up your joints and limits your range of motion? What if we could free up your spine so that the nerves could communicate clearly? What if we could clear out the inflammation so that the pain would subside and your shoulder would quit hurting? 

We’ve helped hundreds of people dealing with aches, frustrations, and pains just like you.  

And it all starts with a thorough consult and exam. You deserve to be listened to and to have a doctor provide a thorough exam and clear recommendations to help you get your life back. 

We’ll listen to every word you have to say. If at any point we feel like someone else is a better fit for your care, we’ll tell you exactly who that is. 

All of that and more is available at Advocate Wellness. Click HERE to book a discounted consult and examination with Dr. Nelson. 

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