Regaining Balance: How Chiropractic Care Provides Relief from Vertigo and Associated Pain

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Chiropractic Care in Keller

How We Help With Vertigo

Do you ever experience bouts of dizziness and disorientation that leave you feeling like the world is spinning out of control? Vertigo is a challenging condition that significantly impacts every aspect of your quality of life, leading to not only physical discomfort but also emotional distress. What many people may not realize is that vertigo can be accompanied by a range of symptoms, including midback pain, jaw pain, and low back pain, further exacerbating the challenges of daily living.

The good news? Our office, Advocate Wellness, offers a holistic approach to addressing vertigo and its associated symptoms, with therapies like myofascial therapy and red light therapy (low-level laser therapy) playing a crucial role in how we provide relief and restoring balance to your body.

What Is Vertigo?

Vertigo is more than just feeling dizzy – it can disrupt your entire world, making simple tasks like standing up or walking a daunting challenge because you simply never know when a dizzy attack is going to strike, leaving you reeling, clutching for something or someone to cling to. In addition to dizziness and disorientation, vertigo can also manifest as nausea, vomiting, and difficulty with balance and coordination.

What many people may not realize is that vertigo can also be caused by or accompanied by certain musculoskeletal symptoms, including midback pain, jaw pain, and low back pain. When the body's sense of balance is compromised, it can lead to muscle tension and misalignments in the spine, resulting in pain and discomfort in various areas of the body.

There Are Solutions To Help Dizziness

We know how much this whole spiral of pain and emotional distress can affect you, so we offers a comprehensive solution to address vertigo and its associated symptoms. Through gentle spinal adjustments, we realign the spine, relieve pressure on the nerves, and restore proper function to the vestibular system – the part of the inner ear responsible for balance and spatial orientation. This not only helps alleviate vertigo but also reduces tension and inflammation in the muscles of the back, jaw, and low back, providing relief from associated pain.

In addition to spinal adjustments, we also incorporate complementary therapies like myofascial therapy and red light therapy to further support your healing process. Myofascial therapy focuses on releasing tension and adhesions within your fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds and supports the muscles. By addressing restrictions in your fascia, myofascial therapy can help improve your mobility, alleviate your pain, and reduce tension in the affected areas.

Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy, utilizes specific wavelengths of light to penetrate deep into the injured tissues in your body, stimulating repair of those cells and reducing your inflammation. We use frequencies mainly in the red and infrared light wavelengths. This non-invasive treatment can help accelerate the healing process, relieve pain, and improve overall function in the areas affected by vertigo and associated symptoms.

A Holistic Approach to Vertigo

By addressing both the structural and functional aspects of vertigo, we offers a holistic chiropractic approach to healing that goes beyond just symptom management. Can we provide symptom relief quickly? Yes. Is that all we’re interested in? No, not even close. We’re dedicated to helping you get beyond pain, beyond symptoms, beyond the spinning and the dizziness and helping you make sure you never slide back into this personal hell. 

Take the first step today towards freedom. Whether you're struggling with dizziness, midback pain, jaw pain, or low back pain, chiropractic care can help you find relief and restore balance to your body and your life.

Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about how our chiropractic care, myofascial therapy, and red light therapy can support your journey to better health and well-being. You deserve to be free from the challenges of vertigo – let chiropractic care help you regain your balance and reclaim your life!

We can’t wait to meet you and show you how we can help!